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Car Loans FAQ

What is the minimum and maximum car loan amount I can apply for? Generally speaking car loans start at $5,000. The maximum car loan amount will depend on your financial position.

Are you able to provide finance for the purchase of trucks, boats, motorcycles and other assets?  Yes we can.

Can I apply for a car loan for business purpose?  Yes, if the item purchased is intended predominantly for business use, (more than 50%). you can obtain a business car loan. This type of finance can be used for hire purchase, chattel mortgage or lease and it is available to companies and individuals.

Can my finance be pre-approved?  Yes, our brokers will be able to arrange a pre-approval for your loan.

What do I need to provide when applying for a loan?  You will need to provide some of the following documents to obtain approval:

  • payslip or letter from your employer
  • bank account details
  • proof of home ownership or rent receipt
  • 100 points of id (formal identification)
  • comprehensive insurance policy for the vehicle
  • drivers licence
  • applicants who are self employed or applying for business finance you may need one or more of following documents: most recent tax return, payslip or group certificate.

How do I know if my car loan application will be approved?

  • your ability to afford the loan will be taken into account based on your income and existing obligations/debts;
  • your credit history will also be reviewed;
  • to qualify for a car loan you will need to not be bankrupt, in a part 9 agreement or a pensioner at time of application discharged applicants will be considered.

Can I buy a car from an individual as well as from a dealer? Yes you can.
How long before my car loan is approved?  You will know if you have preliminary pre-approval almost. However a formal approval will require the completion of a car loan application form and review of supporting documents so a few days may need to be allowed. Essentially the speed of approval will depend on speed of provision of required documentation.

What interest rates do you offer?  We have access to the cheapest interest rate personal loans available in Australia interest rates will depend on your personal financial situation including stability of employment and credit history.

Can I have a car loan if my credit history is not clean? You can qualify for a car loan even if you have some history of bad credit. However you will not qualify if you are undischarged from bankruptcy or a part 9 agreement. Bad credit car loans may have higher deposit requirements and higher rates.

Can you help me with finance for a vehicle no matter where I make the purchase? Yes you can apply for finance of a new car as well as a second hand vehicle purchased privately.

Will I be able to make extra repayments or repay the loan sooner? Yes, most of the lenders will allow this, however some lenders may charge an early repayment fee.



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