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Bad Credit Car loans

Sometimes due to unfortunate personal circumstances even the best of people can find themselves with some history of bad credit.

An unpaid bill, a messy divorce resulting in a part 9 or a bankruptcy, family illness etc.

At we believe that everyone deserves a "Second Chance". We have access to a wide range of car loan options to suit most situations.

We see each applicant as an individual with their own unique set of circumstances. You can be certain that your application will be assessed by a real finance professional not a calculator. If anything can be done our brokers will find a favourable solution.

Car Loans Au can accept

  • paid and unpaid defaults
  • Unpaid telco's under $4K
  • The greater the time since default payment, the easier it is to get approved
  • Paid motor finance defaults provided minimum of six months since paid and client is stable
  • Ex bankrupts providing discharged more than 12 months
  • Judgments are treated similarly to defaults

Please note that the following may prevent us from being able to assist:

Borrowers Who:

  • Are in an undischarged bankruptcy or a part 9 agreement
  • Have home loan arrears
  • Have not fully disclosed their debts or obligations
  • Incorrect dates of employment history
  • Failure to disclose correct amount of dependants
    - Are Currently Unemployed




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