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Car Loans AU - about us

Car Loans AU are your 24/7 online Australian Car Finance brokers.

Our brokers are highly experienced professionals who have intimate knowledge of the Australian Car Loan industry. It does not matter if you are looking to purchase a new vehicle from a dealer or a second hand car we can help you find car finance quickly and easily.

Why not save yourself time and money by using the services of a professional car finance broker ?

With up to 20 different lenders to choose from, Car Loans AU can find you a car finance solution that offers the best match to your circumstances and meets your needs. Even if you are looking to purchase a Motorcycle, a boat or a caravan, we can help you find the perfect loan.

We will do all the research for you. From an initial telephone discussion, we will help you complete all the paperwork and guide you through the car loan process right through to loan settlement nothing can be easier.

You will have one contact point to answer any questions you may have during the loan process.


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